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SaTT Token Is Now Available for Trading on and Uniswap!

In the last few months, SaTT has been one of the most prominent upcoming blockchain products on the market. After the highly successful ICO that saw the native SaTT project token raise over $1 million in 48 hours as well as hitting its soft cap within a week and now more than $7 million, the project has been getting more visibility. In one of the latest of these moves, the project has been listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges for active trading.

The first of these exchanges is UniSwap, on which the token was listed on September 24, 2020. It had previously been announced that users of the token would be able to make deposits for trading purposes in the coming days and it seems that this has now come to successful fruition. SaTT’s trading volume is booming on both exchanges which seems to observe a huge interest from the community.

The ICO and Token Sale

As previously mentioned, the SaTT project has been rather successful in the ICO market. The ICO first launched two years ago but picked up significant traction in the last few weeks after the project itself was revised and improved upon. It was able to raise $1 million within 48 hours and its soft cap target of $3,360,000 was met within a week.

As of now, the total amount raised by the ICO is more than $7 million and this is particularly remarkable considering the fact that the ICO market itself has been rather dormant in the last few years. As many crypto users and enthusiasts may recall, there was a time when ICOs were the most common way for new projects to raise funds, especially from the year 2016 to 2018.

However, that period of time was also plagued by many fraudulent or poorly executed ICOs and the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States was even forced to get involved and is prosecuting cases to this day. As such, the ICO market seems to have fallen out of popularity with many declaring it completely dead. The success of the SaTT ICO shows, however, that the market is not truly dead and responds well to quality projects.

BW Listing Announcement

UniSwap is not the only exchange that the SaTT token has been listed on. It was announced on September 20, 2020, that the token is now listed on BW exchange and a huge airdrop of SaTT is currently ongoing. BW is famous for being one of the top three mining pools in the cryptocurrency business in its early days and is one of the biggest exchanges in the market. The management of BW has spoken else about the listing expressing excitement at the development.

“The SaTT marketplace is going to disrupt and solve the problems of current advertising transactions with the blockchain,” declares Cathy Zhu, BW’s Global CEO. “We are looking forward to working with the SaTT team and introducing SaTT to more users.”

There has also been gratitude expressed by the management of SaTT itself regarding the project listing.

“SaTT is delighted to be partnering with BW to offer premium crypto exchange services for our community,” chimes in Gauthier Bros, SaTT CEO. “With 21 million registered users and 6 thousand daily active users, we are confident that BW can meet our liquidity needs and provide competitive market pricing for the SATT token.”

About SaTT and its Business Model

The SaTT project has been heralded as one of the most innovative within the cryptocurrency industry and it stands for smart advertising transaction token and allows advertisers to buy advertising services on a DApp. This helps streamline the process of advertising between influencers and advertisers themselves while being able to instantly reward the influencers while tracking the effectiveness of their campaigns. With influencer marketing being a $1 billion business and the advertising industry going more digital, we can expect to see more from this project in the future.


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