How is Blockchain Technology making a big impact on the Education Sector?

The growing trend of Blockchain has impacted different industries, including the education sector. It is not just the curriculum that has now included Blockchain concepts, but at the same time, Blockchain can also be used as a storehouse for all the student information. Blockchain developers worldwide are developing applications and solutions that can make the education system work seamlessly and secure all the data. The demand for experts in Blockchain has also increased in the education sector.

Blockchain Platform and Education sector-

Here we are going to highlight the growing use of Blockchain platforms in the education sector. The University of Melbourne in 2017 started using Blockchain to use digital credentials, thereby allowing the students to share verified copies of their certificates with the employers.

The growing use of Blockchain technology in the education sector and other business domains has fuelled the lookout for Blockchain developers who can leverage this technology seamlessly. As per Gartner’s survey in 2019, 2% of education respondents have already deployed Blockchain. And 18% of the respondent want to do so in the times to come. Although this is not a very exciting figure, the fact of the matter is that Blockchain is a comparatively nascent technology, and it is still under the phase of improvement. Still, with the different features and benefits that it has stored in, it is sure to become one of the leading technologies in the times to come.

1. Improved recordkeeping– One of Blockchain’s key features is that it is the most secure place for recordkeeping. Since every information on the DLT platform is encrypted cryptographically, it becomes secured and free from tampering.

2. Partnership platform– Blockchain can be a great partnership platform for sharing information and communication. Since Blockchain allows seamless interaction between the peers, this platform will reduce the bottlenecks of the conventional education system.

3. Securing digital rights- Plagiarism is a common problem in the education world. Firstly, strong all the information and theories on the Blockchain platform will give the content creator rights. Moreover, the information is stored in a chain form, so even one change can disrupt the chain, making it easy to catch the problem. With the help of Blockchain, we can make the system more secure.

These are a few of the many use-cases of Blockchain. Owing to Blockchain’s ubiquitous presence across the different industry segments, it has also become a popular career option. Many students are now looking for Blockchain training and Blockchain certification program. The online Blockchain training and certification program offered by Blockchain Council is the trusted one. It is an industry-oriented program that helps in developing a complete knowledge base about this technology. Students or even the working professionals who want to upskill themselves in this technology must opt for the Blockchain certification program by Blockchain Council.


Whether it is the education sector or any other sector, Blockchain’s presence is evident, which will increase in the time to come. Thus it becomes a popular career choice for many individuals today. Opt for Blockchain courses, and see your career skyrocket in the IT world.

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