GoldenPyrex Launches Robust DeFi Ecosystem for Yield Farming, Gaming, and NFTs

GoldenPyrex Launches Robust DeFi Ecosystem for Yield Farming, Gaming, and NFTs

As part of efforts to boost the growth of the DeFi ecosystem, GoldenPyrex is ushering in a robust and sustainable DeFi ecosystem for yield farming, gaming, and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). The ecosystem according to a press release is designed to boost liquidity while removing the need for intermediaries in line with the vision of cryptocurrency.

It integrates GDEX, G-SWAP, and GameHouse “within a closed-loop ecosystem that eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, while facilitating access to quality services,” the press release read. GoldenPyrex seeks to provide its users with next-gen DeFi solutions that power yield farming, gaming, and NFTs.

To boost liquidity within the loop, the ecosystem is building its own marketplace that will allow users to exchange the GYPX utility token for many available collectibles. It is also rolling out a series of NFTs specifically designed for acquiring and customizing rare collectibles.

In addition, GoldenPyrex is exploring more use cases for the GYPX tokens. For now, existing use cases include yield pool farming, paying GameHouse commissions, purchasing GameHouse tournament/VIP club tickets, staking, community governance voting etc. The ecosystem also has a user incentive program as described by the founder of GYPX.

“GoldenPyrex is making it easier and realizable for DeFi enthusiasts to merge multiutility with the ability to earn in a secured manner. With rewards already set for our loyal followers to earn from farming yield on supported pools, we are confident we are unlocking a new evolution in the convergence between the several components of modern DeFi such as Yield Farming, NFTs, and the ability for the GPYX token holders to also explore the world of Games within the Gamehouse platform”

The GoldenPyrex project was created with the support of the Kazahstan government where its headquarters are based. The team intends to launch an innovative PoolPicker game “in the near future.” Meanwhile, an upcoming exchange equipped with a pool, governance, and bridge features will allow users of GYPX to exchange the token for other major cryptocurrencies. The token will be listed on the top 30 exchanges featured on CoinMarketCap by the 1st quarter of 2021.

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