Blockchain Voting Patent in the USA

The US elections are scheduled in November, and every candidate is working on full throttle to promote their candidature. While there is so much buzz about the elections, but at the same time, one question that still hounds many voters is whether their vote is going to the right candidate or not. Besides, ensuring seamless voting is also a matter of concern. Can technology help in this? Well, this blog will focus on this aspect. Here we will be highlighting the latest news on USPS filing the patent of Blockchain voting in the US. In recent years, Blockchain has piqued a lot of interest. The demand for Blockchain developer and Blockchain engineer has picked up the pace. Many individuals are now looking for Blockchain training program that will equip them with all the knowledge and information that is going to help you become a proficient developer.

So, why there is so much buzz about Blockchain, and what is this Blockchain patent, let’s explore.

It started last year when the United States Postal Service (USPS) filed the Blockchain voting patent. USPS has been in the crosshairs of the mail-in voting clash with President Donald Trump, who has blocked supplementary funding for the independent mail agency.

We all know that Blockchain can bring in some revolutionary change in different business domains, and one such aspect is voting. It will assure the voters that their vote is going to the right candidate without revealing their personal information and maintaining the anonymity. It is expected that a major chunk of people is going to vote by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic. And if we have the biggest democratic of the world having voting using the Blockchain platform, then it is going to be a revolutionary change.

The USPS mentions that there many ways that this technology should be implemented to improve the security of mail-in voting, like by sending the QR codes linked to the digital voting system and storing other IDs and vote on Blockchain. Since the Blockchain platform remains free from any cyber threats, thus allowing the data to be secured and safe.

What’s next?

This is one of the many changes which Blockchain is brining in our lives. Yes, it’s a fact that Blockchain is still at a nascent stage, and there is a huge scope for change in it. But, with the rapid development and modifications that Blockchain developers are making in its network, ensures that this technology will soon overcome all its bottlenecks.

The Future-

Owing to the widespread use of Blockchain technology, and its massive implications in our daily lives, companies are actively hiring Blockchain developers, and they are motivating their employees to go ahead with Blockchain training.

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