Blockchain E-Passports helps save the Tourism Industry

blockchain technology has impacted different industries, and it has brought in a positive wave of change with it. Almost all the business niches are gaining benefits from this. Owing to Blockchain technology’s universal applicability, it has piqued the interest of many individuals who wish to make a career in the field of technology. Blockchain developers are in great demand because they can successfully leverage Blockchain technology features and sync the business operations with it. Thus it becomes one of the most sought after technologies.

Coming to the impact which Blockchain has created and how its application is changing the world, we will be focusing on the tourism industry. This might sound to be unconventional, but Blockchain is posed to bring revolutionary changes in this field.

Companies Triggering The Revolution of Blockchain in Tourism-

Well, it’s not just the whitepaper that we are talking about. Blockchain has already started to make its impact felt. Many applications and companies are venturing into the domain. Some of the examples are :

· ShareRing- Now this is the latest example that is garnering a lot of attention. The company has launched an e-passport app. This app comes with a contact tracing feature. It is expected to give a boost to the $9 trillion global tourism industry. This app is available to 2.6 million hotel and activity providers who are presently using ShareRing services. The user will upload important documents like e-visa on arrival (eVOA), travel insurance, flight and accommodation bookings, passport information, and a negative COVID-19 test result. If the user subsequently tests positive, then the app will send the information to the government, and notification will go to others if they contact the user. This app will also have a travel insurance feature. This app will have all the data of a person like their photo, name, DOB, address, fingerprints, etc. All this data will be encrypted.

· Lockchain– It is a direct marketplace for hotels. There are no middlemen, and they can list the property’s availability, which the tourist can check and make the booking without relying on an intermediary. This platform also offers payment features, property management, and others. Thus, making it a suitable choice for both the hoteliers and the tourists.

· BeeToken — This is yet another innovative platform that works on Blockchain technology. It allows the customer to directly get in touch with the host and make the payment or booking. Since there is no third-party, it is a cost-saving option.

These are just a few of the use cases of Blockchain technology; there have been many revolutionary changes that have evolved to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.WHO had launched a Blockchain-based platform MiPasa to promote the sharing of information between individuals, state authorities, and health institutions. This is completely private and free from any hacking threats. The Netherlands is also using Tymlez, a Blockchain platform, to map and check the nation’s medical supply chain. A similar app is being used in the US and Canada, along with IBM.

The Future- While Blockchain cannot eradicate Covid-19 or any other issues, but it can provide a better alternative to make the system more proficient and free from error.

Since companies are going to rely on Blockchain excessively, there will be a demand for Blockchain developers who can work on the system and leverage this technology. If you also wish to make a career in Blockchain development, then this is the right time to enroll for the Blockchain certification course by Blockchain Council.

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