Blockchain is Bringing Changes in American Healthcare Industry

The penetration of Blockchain in the healthcare industry has escalated to the next level. We are no more talking about white paper about the future changes that Blockchain can bring to the healthcare sector; instead, we are witnessing some significant changes in the healthcare sector. If a few years back, if we would have said that we will have a platform that there will be a direct interaction between two individuals without any third-party intervention, then many would have baulked. But, this has become a reality today. There are various startups, and even bigger tech moguls are plunging in the pool of Blockchain to make applications that can help the healthcare sector.

Blockchain and healthcare

There is a lot of health data that a patient has, and maintain all this data can be troublesome. At the same time, there is a problem of counterfeit drug that hounds the healthcare sector. As per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office for Civil Rights mentioned the fact that medical data breaches have increased. In 2015, around 100 million Americans healthcare data was taken out.

Besides, healthcare is becoming expensive. As per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), U.S. healthcare spending reaches a mark of $3.5 trillion (or $10,739 per capita) in 2017, which is 17.9% share of the U.S. GDP. And this data is expected to reach $5.5 trillion by 2025. With all this information, and data Healthcare information becomes a key attraction to cyber attacks. Also, accessing the huge volume of data using the conventional system can be a daunting task. Besides, conventional platforms are prone to attack and threats and are centralized. With the help of Blockchain, we can expect the changes to come in by making the platform more secured and free from attacks.

Blockchain can help in improving data security, syncing vast data and integrating it. Counterfeit of drugs is also a problem. Around 10% of the medicines sold in the Aisa are counterfeited. This is a big problem, and this problem majorly arises because of the bottlenecks and lack of transparency in the supply chain system. With the help of Blockchain, we can quell these issues.

Blockchain has defenestrated the bottlenecks of the conventional platform. Blockchain Expert and engineers have worked on this technology. They have been able to separate the wheat from the chaff, thereby creating a technology that has helped Blockchain mature and provide the solution to the healthcare sector.

Blockchain technology offers a decentralized platform which can be easily accessed by the people in the network. Also, it’s a decentralized platform, thereby allowing healthcare professionals to access the data. Besides, Blockchain offers a transparent platform that offers provenance. This feature will help improvise the supply chain system, thus reducing the counterfeit drug issue.

Conclusion- With all this, and the expansion of the healthcare sector, Blockchain provides the right solution to make the healthcare sector work and perform more efficiently. Hence, there is going to be a demand for Blockchain engineers and Blockchain developers who can help in rendering Blockchain solutions to the healthcare sector. If you also wish to make a career in the field of Blockchain technology and healthcare, then this is the right time to start the Blockchain development training or opt for an online Blockchain Certification by Blockchain Council.

This industry-oriented course will provide you actionable knowledge, thus helping you become a more profound Blockchain engineer, who can easily fall in the higher Blockchain engineer salary slab. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for Blockchain course today.

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