Blockchain Developers Have the Fastest Emerging Job Market in the USA in 2020

Blockchain Technology is growing at a breakneck pace. While it has opened new avenues of growth and development across the different business segments, at the same time, it has also become a key attractant to the individuals who are willing to make a career in this field. Blockchain developer, blockchain engineering are a few of the common career choices that people can make if they pursue their careers in Blockchain technology.

Some eye-popping stats-

If we talk about the numbers, then there has been a steady rise in Blockchain professionals’ demand. It has witnessed an increase of 517% in demand for software engineers who have Blockchain development skills. There are other fields of interest like embedded engineers, security engineers, which has also witnessed a good rise in the demand for such individuals, but Blockchain development skill precedes them all. When it comes to Blockchain developer salary, then individuals who are software developers and posses Blockchain skills can earn up to $157,000 in the U.S. In London, the software engineers with Blockchain skills can earn as much as $90,000; in Toronto, the earning us as high as $75,000; and in Paris, $67,000, according to Hired’s report.

The rise in demand for Blockchain skills was not only highlighted by Hired but a market research firm Burning Glass Technologies, also showed that Blockchain developer job opening had risen by 316%, thereby creating 12,006 job openings in the U.S. alone.

With these whopping rise in numbers and a good pay scale, we can conclude a greater demand for Blockchain professionals. Many professionals working in the I.T. field are now opting for upskilling themselves and learning more about Blockchain technology.

How to proceed?

Everyone wants to learn a skill or pursue a career to help them grow and attain better professional growth. One way is to pick up a skill that you must invest in, Blockchain technology or Blockchain development certification. These certification programs are designed as per industry standards. As a part of these certification programs, one can also pick up a Blockchain training program to hone your skills as Blockchain developers.

Adding the Blockchain certification course to your list of credentials is going to give you a boost in your career graph. It will solidify your position as a Blockchain developer, and you will become adept with all the actionable knowledge that will put in a better position in your professional life.

What’s next?

Enrolling yourself to the right Blockchain development certification course is a must, and one of the ways to do it by choosing the Blockchain certification program by Blockchain Council. You can also go for a Blockchain specialization course like Hyperledger certification, Corda certification program to enhance your skill as a Blockchain engineer and Blockchain Expert.

There is no better time than to start today. With the backing of Blockchain knowledge, you can explore new career opportunities. In the times to come, we will see a growth in the demand for Blockchain professionals, and with this certification, you can expect yourself standing ahead of the competition.

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